Everything you need to know about Rafale

Why India needs Rafale

To boost the growth of air force in India the Government of India started the initiative to purchase 36 Rafel fighter jets from France in 2012 and finally on July 29 2020 India gets his first 5 jets.

The raffle Jet is manufactured by the French company known as Dassault aviation. As you know Indian Air force have many fighting jets but some of them are becoming outdated therefore India need to bring new technology.

As you know the neighbours of India is becoming the the rivals therefore India needs to strong its Air force because Air force is the one of important thing in war.

Today 5 raffle aircrafts landed to to Ambala air force station these are the first batch of 36 rafel aircraft which is made in France. 12 IAF fighter pilots have completed their training till now on Rafale jet in France

What is the raffle capable of?

Rafale aircraft is capable of carrying a potential range weapons. European missile maker MBDAS meteor beyond visual range air to air missile and SCALP air to ground cruise missile will be the mainstay of the weapons package of the raffle jets. Rafel aircraft will be equipped with Hammer missiles from France Hammer missiles have the capability to take out any types of targets at the range of around 60 to 70 kilometres

The fighter can carry 4.7 tons of internal fuel and up to 6.6 tons external. Maximum speed of hey is the twice of the speed of the sound. Rafale will be able to shoot down enemy aircraft, even if over hundred kilometre away without even crossing the Indian Air space. The Meteor air to air missile which is worth 20 crore is deadliest missile.

Neither Pakistan Nor China possesses a weapon as deadly as the Meteor

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