Equity mutual funds witnessed a high record of outflows worth ₹4,000 crores in the month of August

In the latest data released by Amfi Equity mutual funds have seen record-high net outflows worth of ₹4,000 crores in the month of August. In the month of July equity mutual funds witnessed net outflows of ₹2,480 crores. It is the highest outflow in four years.

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“We continue to see some outflows in the equity category. Last time also we saw outflows,” said NS Venkatesh, Chief Executive of Amfi during the conference call. In June the category observed the positive inflows of ₹240 crores.

7 out of 10 equity-oriented mutual funds categories have observed net outflow in august. Inflows from SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) also saw a marginal dip from ₹7,831 crores in July to ₹7,791 crores in August.

Continuously every month the net outflows have risen by 61%. All mutual fund categories together saw net outflows worth ₹14,550 crores. The average AUM (Assets under management )for the overall mutual fund industry is ₹27.78 lakh crore.

The outflows in equity mutual funds were mainly contributed by the large-cap equity mutual funds which saw the highest net outflows of over ₹1,500 crores during August and it has created a big market tension to investors but “There was a marginal dip in inflows via SIP to the extent of ₹39 crores the positive numbers show continued trust maintained by the retail investors which is a good indicator,” said NS Venkatesh(Chief Executive of Amfi).

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