hello all my Rapping boys when we are talking about legends stories how we can forget about Eminem Rap God.

So now we gonna know about the child story of Eminem How Eminem became Eminem how he suffered and are to this long in his life

Eminem real name was Marshall Bruce Mathers Eminem had very trublent childhood Eminem dropped School when he was in ninth grade and he tries odd jobs that he never like when Eminem was born his father leaves him Eminem and her mother seen too much of trouble Eminem mum does not have any suitable or permanent job so after one or two month or three months Eminem and her mother keep changing cities one day Eminem and her mother goes to the city call Michigan deruto where mostly black people used to live they used to hate Eminem cause he was a white boy and Eminem likes to rap they think that only black people can rap one day at school 1 black boy beats Eminem that hard that he was in coma for or 8 days one day Eminem 1 uncle get to know that Eminem likes rapping so he gives all the Cds of of the famous rap song of that time and he teach Eminem how to rap from a a school time Eminem had a crush on a girl one day the girl Eminem had crush shifted to the Eminem house Eminem had a cute baby girl at the age of 17 after that Eminem starter working in the garage for living is life but one day Eminem thinks what I am doing I am not born to do this Sohail record a rap album and released it the album was flop Eminem had a big loss cracks but one day at the evening when he was returning from his job Eminem wife give him a paper of a competition of a rap Eminem participate in the competition he came with the second position at the discussion between the judges of the show they decided to make album with Eminem so so then Eminem release is second album called night stars it was record Eminem created the history in the rap the in one interview Eminem said that when he was small used to write letters to his dad but his dad always return the letter to the sender address but one day when his father got to know that is sun is Eminem so he tried to get in touch with him at that day Eminem doesn’t reply so that was the story of the Rap God.

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