Criminals in Indian Politics

          India is one of the biggest democracy in the world and it has the second-largest population in the world therefore the democracy is an important factor for India.

Criminals in Indian Politics

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After saying democracy what comes in your mind first Politics, Politicians, Political Parties, Constitution and many more. Today I am gonna talk about criminalisation in Indian politics.

What is the ratio of Criminal Politicians in our country?

As the biggest democracy politicians play an important role in Indian politics. In Indian politics, Politicians are the biggest key and they are chosen by us. But Indian politics have seen many criminal politicians. Do you know that 34% of members in Parliament are criminal and they have ongoing criminal cases and around 21% are facing charges that, if upheld would, merit prison time.

More than 534MPs who were elected are facing criminal charges. And by whom these politicians are chosen they are chosen by us.

Which type of criminal charges this politicians are facing?

There is a big number of charges on Politicians. More than 20% of the new MPs are facing serious charges of attempted murder, assaulting public officials and theft.

As an example, Uday Kumar SP, who fought for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls on an AAP ticket from Kanyakumari he declared 382 criminal cases in his affidavits. It’s not only about a particular party it’s about every political party in our country.

In the 2019 general election, almost one in every five candidates was accused of committing a serious crime. Many politicians likely 20 percent who stood for election in 2019 faced charges of rape-murder and kidnapping.

What is the numbers of this criminal candiates in political parties?

BJP stood on the top with 435 candidates with criminal cases but don’t worry Congress and RJD,  JD(U) and other parties are not behind them if estimated there 40% of candidates are facing criminal cases.

If we talk about the MPs with criminal charges or criminal cases than JD(U) is on the top followed by BJP,  Congress, Shivsena and others.

But the question is why common people vote for these criminals?

If any Politician is a criminal then it is easy that he can be a wealthy person and parties are attracted to these types of politicians or persons.

According to researchers and many political scientists mainly Indian’s Vote to candidates seeing their caste. If politicians will be of the same caste then he will favor his caste more than another caste this is the mentality of Common people’s.

Why Political Parties prefer candidates with criminal charges?

According to research, the candidates with criminal charges contesting for any elections have a large winning advantage rather than candidates with no criminal charges.

And the other key factor is the rising cost of elections and a shadowy election, financing system where parties and candidates under-report collection and expenses therefore parties prefer “self-financing candidates who do not use parties fund instead he can contribute to the party and these type of candidates are mainly Criminal.

This wealthy self financing Criminals are more electorally competitive. And the simple thing is that they can easily manipulate votes.

How we can tackle problem of Criminalisation in politicians?

Look I don’t have any experience in politics nor I am any Specialist but I can present you my view to tackle criminalisation in Politics.

The simple solution is we should not vote for a criminal candidate and for this we can review his criminal record and you can do these for your country and yourself because somehow it will affect your future but there is a flaw in this solution like there are many politicians or candidates who clear their criminal records after winning an election or before standing in the election.

Or else we can set up a Judiciary system free from the control of government and these new judiciary will keep records of these politicians background and the politician with criminal charges will be not allowed to stand in election. But it also has a flaw because these political parties or candidates are funded by criminals and criminals can easily control the government.

Look we are sorrounded by big ecosystem which is not easy to break but nothing is impossible.

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