Covid positive girl was raped by an Ambulance driver

A 19-year old girl who was corona positive was allegedly raped by an Ambulance driver while shifting her to first-line treatment. On Sep 6 in Kerala this shameless incident took place according to police.


The girl was admitted to a hospital at Adoor on Saturday after she and her mother tested positive for coronavirus. While she was being shifted to the CFLTC(Covid First-Line Treatment Centre) later, the driver took her to an empty plot and raped her.

According to police, the incident occurred at Aranmula on Saturday.

After that incident, on Sunday the ambulance driver Noufal (29) was taken into custody based on a complaint by the victim’s mother to the hospital authorities and the police.

He was dismissed from service, the Kanivu 108 Ambulance Services officials said.

Pathanamthitta Superintendent of Police P K G Simon told reporters that they nabbed the culprit soon after being informed about the incident.

The Investigating Officer stated that “We were informed by the hospital authorities after the victim told them about the incident and we took him into custody. We will take the statement of the girl later as she is not a position to explain her incident”.

The Commission Chairperson M C Josephine has offered all help to the woman. “This issue shows that women patients need separate security measures. Besides taking strict action against the culprit, his driving license must also be canceled.

Covid positive girl was raped by an Ambulance driver

Strict background checks should be done before appointing drivers for ambulances,” she said in a press release.

Because the driver is from Kayamkulam and is an accused in an earlier murder case.

But what now, this incident took place because we ignore these situations but when these situations become big we start crying on that situation. Instead of gossiping you have to find a solution before any more incident like this took place.

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