Coronavirus is in worse stage in India

The number of people infected by coronavirus crosses 1million (10 lakh) and it is now in the race of most affected countries. Death toll rises to 26,816 and it can be more worse who knows the real numbers. Total 6 lakh people have recovered. Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu and Delhi is most affected state in India.

Worst affected countries by coronavirus are US(United States), Brazil and India. Total numer of cases are increasing rapidly after lockdown was released. Therefore state governments are imposing lockdown in their States but will it work because number of cases is increasing in every state

What is government doing?

On 24 th March 2020, the government of India under Prime minister Narendra Modi ordere a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. In Man ki baat Prime minister compared this lockdown with Mahabharata and said they will win over this situation but they failed therefore they have to impose continuous lockdown for 3 months and economy started to get affected and government have to release lockdown and fails in stopping coronavirus there is no any special announcement or ordered passed by government after lockdown fails.

Situation will get more worse

According to WHO(World Health Organization) coronavirus will be at it’s peak in December and in its past statement WHO has said that coronavirus will be at it’s peak in July. And according to new study coronavirus is mutating rapidly and after mutation in March or April coronavirus has become more dangerous than before. New mutations in coronavirus can lead to anything it can become more dangerous or it can end because Sars Cov 1 which was spread in China in 2003-2004 disappeared after some mutation.

Vaccine Development

To develop a good vaccine it can take time of 1.5 to 2 years because there are many phases and trials done before releasing any vaccine for pandemic. Many countries are working very fast in developing vaccine. In India according to governments recent statement vaccine in India will be released on the 15th august 2020 and it’s name is covaxin which was developed with the help of AIIMS and human trials of this vaacine has started. Many countries are in the race of developing vaccine like Russia, US, Brazil and many private companies are also trying to develop vaccine.

Some Questions?

There are many questions arises after coronavirus as it’s worse stage.

  • Why lockdown was failed?
  • Does government was not prepared for Economy fall down?
  • What goverment will do after it’s Health system was failed?
  • Does government is pressurising NIV to develop vaccine on 15th August? (Because if trials are not conducted properly their can be side effects of the vaccine in long term

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