Classic chicken curry recipe simple.

Hello guys ,welcome back as you know chicken’s are the all time favourite of all the NON- VEG lover’s and for you, today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of chicken curry recipe belive me guys, it’s very easy to cook this is the dish we eat every Sunday at my home you can eat it with roti or you can also have it with rice So let’s begin.

Chicken curry

Table of Contents


1.Onions(5 medium size).

2.Garlic(22 cloves).
4.Tomato( 2 medium size).
5.Green chilies.
6.Cumin seeds/jeera(1 tablespon).
7.Cinamon stick/Dalchini( half ).
8.Stone flower( 2 pieces ).
9.Dry red chili.
10.Bay leaves/tej patta.
11.Red chili powder/lal mirch.
12.Salt(as per taste).
13.Coriander Powder.
14.Turmeric powder.
15.Chicken masala(Buy chicken masala).


Take a kadai add some amount of oil heat up the oil on medium flame after the oil is hot and ready just add in some Bay leaves, Dry red chilli and also add some pieces Cinamon stick

Afterward just let the spices be get toasted in oil for a while and when the spices are reddish in colour add sliced onions and fry them until they turns into golden yellowish colour afterwards slowdown the flame and take a grinder add:-. Garlic(22 cloves).
. Ginger.
. Tomato( 2 medium size).
. Green chilies.
. Cumin seeds(1 tablespoon).
. Cinamon stick.( half ).
. Stone flower( 2 pieces ).
. Dry red chili.

And grind them into the fine paste and add it into the kadai now cook on medium flame with a close lid until it start releasing oil now add all the dry powder spices including salt add:-

. Red chili powder.
. Salt(as per taste).
. Corainder powder.
. Turmeric powder.
.Chicken masala(Buy chicken masala).
Now, add the fresh chicken pieces and mix them well together with 1 glass of hot boiling water and cook it for 15 minutes for 25 minuets in low flame and now.

Your tasty and hot classic chicken is ready to serve it hot with some rice or with some classic rotis.

Here I have mentioned the ingredients I have use to preapare my tasty Chicken Curry:-

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