Chicken afghani recipe.

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Chicken Afghani recipe.

Hello, My foodies today we are going to make all one favourite Afghani chicken, Like chicken is a universal ingredient it’s cooked in many cuisines but today I got a special one for Afghani cuisine. It’s an absolute simple recipe with the use of minimum ingredients it doesn’t have onions, it does have tomatoes no red chilli not turmeric so, what does it have let’s check out.

Ingredients .

1.Dried fenugreek ( kasuri methi ).

2.Curd .

3.unsweetened dairy cream .

4.Ginger garlic paste .

5.Garam masala .

6.Chat masala .

7.Salt ( as per taste ).

8.Lemon juice .

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Recipe for Afghani chicken .

Take a pan heat it little bit and add some Kasuri methi and roast it on medium flame and let it cool down until Kasuri methi is cooling down let’s ready marinate for marination take a deep bowl to add some fresh curd dairy unsweetened cream some garam masala chat masala and mix it properly and add some nice crushed Kasuri methi and mix it well too.

Then add some salt for taste and some lemon juice for a good tangy taste .and mix it very properly and now your marinate is read mix all the chicken pieces with some gushes on it with some ( cut on it )and mix the chicken pieces nicely and then hot a pin add some oil and fry all the chicken pieces with one by one and add some water and boil it for 5 minute on high flame with close lid and guess what.

Your hot and tasty chicken Afghani is ready to serve it hot with some garnish of coriander and lemon

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