Reasons to love India

Hello, my lovely friends, Today on the occasion of Independence Day of India. I am going to introduce you to the specialty of India. Table of Contents On 15th August 1947, India got Independence from the British and Europeans. Did you know that our country fought with foreigners for 200 years. We cannot forget our …

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  hello all my Rapping boys when we are talking about legends stories how we can forget about Eminem Rap God. So now we gonna know about the child story of Eminem How Eminem became Eminem how he suffered and are to this long in his life Eminem real name was Marshall Bruce Mathers Eminem …


“freddie mercury”story

“Freddie mercury”story Freddie mercury as known as a (rock god )his real name was farrokh bulsara he was born in september 5th 1946 on the small spice of island called zanzibar his parents Bomi and jer bulsara both were parsee(persian)is father was a servant ,cashier in a high court for the british goverment Freddie’s sister …

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