Butter rice recipe.

Hello, My foodies So, basically today we are going to make Butter Rice, So here’s my recipe try it at the home comment below share your experience of making butter rice. So, for now, let’s dig into the recipe.

Mediterranean Butter Rice HIRES 2

Ingredients for butter rice .

1.Rice .

2.Butter .

3.Salt .

4. Green peas .

5.Cumin seeds ( jeera ) .


Recipe for butter rice.

Take a saucepan and add some amount of water you can take water according to your food amount and now heat up the water in medium flame for 5 minutes till the water start releasing bubbles and now add salt and butter together and give them a good stir and now put all the rice you have taken for paneer sizzler and now add green peas and roasted cumin seeds and then boil it for 10 minutes into the close lid and then strain all the remaining starchy water inside the saucepan and now your butter rice is ready now let’s make our desi barbeque sauce

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