Best men’s style of 2020 .

Best men’s style of 2020 .

Hello, My fashion lovers who don’t like to walk with a trend with a new trend having a new trendy styles on your body looking cool looking good that all you want so for that reason for making you look fashionable for making you look trendy for that today I am gonna share with you some most trendiest styles of 2020.



So ,First of let’s talk about some footwears ,Sliders really started to rise in 2019 as your comfy casual longe wear option and they are gonna go strong in 2020 as well wether you are chilling at home or wether you are going for a chill day or for a beach party sliders are a great option now obviously sliders are not my most fashionable footwear but comparing it to the regular flip flop it’s too much better and much sleaker and comfy thing cause I don’t like sandals putting my toes between the stick yeah so for that reason I prefer you .The gliders so let’s slide in the sliders let’s talk about retro shoes ,Yes.

2.Retro sneakers.


What you got more retro shoes an boots like personally I don’t all retro footwears I like the retro sneakers more like having an uprise in 2018 and in 2019 summers was that chunky ugly and the dad shoe calling was definitely controversial like some people liked it and some people don’t that what I like it it’s still better than the big daddy shoes. Like think about Nike blazers it’s old school and I like it like a boss that’s what I prefer for you.

3.Classic leather – jacket.

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We started to see the rise of non – motorcycle leather jacket rise think about sleeker more refine jacket on this classic leather jacket that classic leather jacket is aren’t going anywhere they are classic for a reason cause classics don’t go anywhere they stay here for decades. That’s why I prefer that.


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Now, yes minimum looks always been a think but it becoming more and more fashionable for looking simple regards of any trend ever it always needs a simple essential, and that why I prefer that.

5.Full body Tracksuits.

man in tracksuit standing by the black metal pull up door posing

Full body tracksuits are a little bit tacky but I still think its not for that big occasions and but now it’s trendy so you can wear it for hiking for the gym , running, or anything that requires physical activity it’s best for you guys and I prefer for you that.

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