Besan ke laddu quick easy and tasty recipe.

Hello guys, welcome as you know because of this lockdown everything is just messed up, we need something quick and tasty in just an hour. Yes! for that we only need 3 ingredients and in this Diwali festival besan ke laddu is like the king of the sweets of India so for that let’s start with the recipe.

Besan Ke Laddu

Table of Contents


1.Chickpea flour(Besan).


3.Sugar(you can also use ramdana in it).

4.Water (4cup).




Take a pan you can take as big as your quantity so after that add Besan in it because we need that roasted flavour so roast it for a minute.

Then add Ghee and give a tight mix continuously in medium flame for 10 minutes then add a little bit of water and make a smooth thick batter afterwards remove the paste in a big plate.

After that add grinded sugar into the paste then give a continuous mix to it then it will get thick and then start making a ball from it and your besan ke laddu is ready.

Your tasty and easy besan ke laddu recipe is ready for your diwali.

Guys I am providing you link for the ingredients I used  for preparing my Besan ke laddu’s:-

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