Barbeque sauce recipe.

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Hello, My foodies So, today we are going to make barbeque sauce, So here’s my recipe try it at the home comment below share your experience of making barbeque sauce So, for now, let’s dig into the recipe.

Ingredients for barbique sauce .

1.Garlic cloves .

2.Ginger .

3.Slit green chilli.

4.Small onions .

5.Bay leaves .

6.Black pepper corns.

7.Tomato ketchup .

8.Mustard sauce .

9.Soy sauce .



 Barbecue sauce recipe.

Take a saucepan and add some amount of oil after heating up the oil properly add Julie’s cut ginger and garlic cloves without Pilled saute them nicely after that add cubic cut onions and saute it for a while the add grinded black peppercorn and bay leaves and mix them nicely after cooking it add a little bit of water and tomato ketchup, Soy sauce and now mix them well after boiling it for 5 minutes into a close lid strain all the things you put in the pan and strain a nice thickened sauce.

And your tasty Sauce ready is to serve with any dish.

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