Apple’s M1 Ultra Chip Is Going To Be Most Powerful Processor

Apple claims M1 Ultra, the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer. Apple announced M1 Ultra, the next giant leap for Apple silicon and the Mac. 


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On Tuesday, Apple unwrapped its latest chip, its Ultra M chip which will become the brain of new Mac Studio Computers. Apple has joined two chips that use a high-speed link called UltraFusion with 10,000 tiny wires to join two M1 Max chips and their memory banks. Apple’s winning approach to efficient performance is made of 114 billion transistors, the fundamental element of chip circuitry. Apple has built an architecture that interconnects the two M1 Max chips to create a system on a chip (SoC) which will deliver powerful computing power to new Mac Studio.

Apple's M1 Ultra Chip Is Going To Be Most Powerful Processorple-M1-Ultra-chipset
Apple's New M1 Ultra Chip

New M1 Ultra Chip features

The new SoC consists of 114 billion transistors, the most ever in a personal computer chip. M1 Ultra can be configured with up to 128GB of high-bandwidth, low-latency unified memory that can be accessed by the 20-core CPU. M1 Ult.ra also features 64-core GPU, and 32-core Neural Engine, providing amazing performance for users and developers for compiling code, artists working in huge 3D environments that were previously impossible to render, and video professionals who can transcode video to ProRes up to 5.6x faster than with a 28-core Mac Pro with Afterburner. It also features 800GB/s of memory bandwidth and 2.5TB/s interprocessor bandwidth. Apple says that the new chip offers up to eight times faster GPU performance compared to the M1 chip.

M1 Processor

During Tuesday’s event, CEO, Tim Cook said – “Apple silicon has had a profound impact on the Mac,”. “Every quarter since we started shipping in M1-based Macs has been record-breaking, and we’ve outpaced the industry growth.”

In November 2020 M1 Ultra debuted as an extension of the M1 processor line in the MacBook Air. Apple designed and bought M1 Pro and M1 Max last year in the market to power the company’s bigger MacBook Pro laptops.

Price of M1 Ultra Chip

The M1 Ultra is going to be the most expensive Apple Silicon processor by a significant margin. The Apple M1 Ultra is currently only available inside the new Mac Studio, which is a workstation desktop PC with a similar design to the Mac Mini. The cheapest M1 Ultra configuration is available for $3,999 (approx INR 3,03, 924), but that’s with the GPU core count dialed back to 48. If you want the max 64-core GPU chip, then you’ll need to spend a whopping $4,799(approx INR 3,66,569).

Mac studio

Apple Mac Studio design

The Mac Studio has the same 7.7 x 7.7-inch base as the Mac mini, but it’s 3.7 inches tall — more than 2 inches taller than the mini. Apple says the Mac Studio is compact enough to fit into most workstations. The thermal system on the Mac Studio uses a double-sided blower to pull in air at the base of the desktop. Air then moves over the Studio’s power supply to its thermal module before it’s propelled out through a rear exhaust panel.

The energy efficiency of Apple’s custom silicon helps Mac Studio use less power over its lifetime. In fact, while delivering extraordinary performance, Mac Studio consumes up to 1,000 kilowatt-hours less energy than that of a high-end PC desktop over the course of a year.

M1 Ultra Compared To Other Chips

Apple claims that this chip is able to surpass Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090—technically Nvidia’s top card as the RTX 3090 Ti is currently a no-show—under certain conditions and with far less energy consumption. The M1 Ultra is 90% faster than Intel’s Core i9-12900K. The M1 Ultra is not just powerful, but also a lot more efficient, using 100W less power than the Intel Core i9-12900K chip.

Mac Studio comparison

Apple is comparing the system to system the new M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio against a 16-core Xeon Mac Pro, and the Mac Studio comes in at 90% faster.

comparison Mac Studio and Mac Pro

You can pre-order the Mac Studio starting today. The new desktop goes on sale on March 18, the same date that Apple starts selling the Studio Display. M1 Ultra chip is also going to launch on 18 March.



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