Amritsari Chole bhature recipe


Hello ,My foodies everyone loves Punjabi cuisines those spice mixes and those corainder flavour in mouth just taste like a heaven food when it comes to Punjabi or amritsari the first thing come in your mind is Chole ,Chole with bhature So,Today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of Chole bhature but before let’s know the story.

Amritsari Chole bhature



So ,Beans have a very important role in India’s recent history beans were introduce by Portuguese and from Arab country but like every thing India except it.

It’s the story of India Pakistan partition at the time of partition many parts of Punjab also get divided and gone to Pakistan so at that time people have very less amount of food so they have to create something from it and they created Chole with chickpeas. Yes the real Chole get made up by chickpeas So,let’s start the recipe.


White chickpeas.
Cinnamon stick.
Badi elaichi.
Kali Mirch.
Bay leaves.
Tea leaves.
Onion paste.
Ginger garlic paste.
Tomato puree.
Green chilies.
Ginger juliens.
Corainder powder.
Jeera powder.
Red chili powder.
Anardana powder.
Corainder leaves.
Kasuri methi.


So, for making Chole the main part is soaking and good boiling of Chole So ,For that take a amount of chickpeas and soak it for a whole night and at the morning take a pressure cooker add all the soaked chickpeas with some water and after adding chickpeas now in the pressure cooker add some garlic, Cinnamon stick, Badi elaichi, Cardamom, Kali Mirch, and Bay leaves. Every Punjabi dish gravy have to look black in colour so take a sauce pan boil up some water and add 1 tablespoon tea leaves and boil it.

Now add the strain water of tea leaves and now give your Chole 2 whistle or until it get cooked well and now after that this is the time for gravy.

So,for gravy take a vessel heat it up and add some oil in it and add onion paste with some ginger garlic paste and saute it for a minute in medium flame and now add tomato puree and mix it well now add all the masala given up and mix it with a pinch of salt now and after that add boiled Chile with all that masala water in cooker give it a boil with little bit of water your tasty spicy Chole is ready now it’s time for bhature So let’s start.


Refined flour.
Bakin powder.
Baking soda.
Desi ghee.


Take a plate and add 2 big cups of refined flour and some bakin powder with some baking soda and now add salt and curd after that add 1 tablespoon of desi ghee and give a mix to it.

Now add water and knead a soft dough now keep it for a rest now remove some small balls and flatten in into a small circle now deep fry the bhature and guess what.

Your hot and delicious Chole is ready serve it hot with some bhature

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