A 15 year old girl gangraped in bengal

A 15 year old girl was raped in Sonarpur area of Dinajpur district in West Bengal. According to villagers it was gang-rape and they found her body under banyan tree. This incident triggered protests by locals in the area even as BJP leader Surajit Sen claimed that “TMC goons have created an environment of terror ” in the region. This protest was turned into battlefield and police was beaten by villagers in protest after police shoot tear gas on protesters.

What was happened with the girl

This 15 year girl has recently cleared the West Bengal Madhyamik exams. The girl was first abducted and then taken to another place where she was raped and then left to die. Victim’s elder sister said, “My sister went missing since last night. After searching for her entire night, they finally found her body under tree. She has given poison by the rapist according to her parents five Muslim men, who were looking for her day before murder, had murdered her.

What was happened in Protest

After rape and murder of this girl, locals started protesting and blocked National Highway 31 demanding justice for victim. They said they will not stop protest until rapists are caught and punished. After the violent protest, police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd that vandalised buses and set vehicles on fire. In statement BJP MP Raju Bista said, “In the past few years, Chopra region has seen an exponential rise in rape and crime as well. The region which was once peaceful, has today become a hotbed of crime and criminals who receive political patronage from the party in power.”

The protest took place at Chopra, which is around 500 km north of Kolkata at 2 PM and lasted for several hours For almost two hours the police tried to stop the protesters but protesters made fierce resistance, forcing the cops to resort to a lathi-charge and firing tear gas. Three buses and police vehicles are set on fire.

What was found in investigation till now

Daspara gram Sabha Samiti member Asim Burman said, “Police have found two cycles, Adhar card, two umbrellas and a cell phone from the spot. I think this will help police to find the culprits. We will continue our investigation until the criminals are held and punished.”

The situation in the chopra is worsening with the involvement of religious groups in the fight for justice for the victim’s family.

Some Questions

  • What goverment was doing to stop rape?
  • Bengal’s Minister is female then how she can let this happen with girls in her state
  • Does rapists did not have have fear of police before performing this shameful Act
  • Why criminal activities in this region was rising? 

Please comment your Questions, Answers and your point of view in this situation.

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