5 trendy summer sneakers

You know guys looking cool looking trendy who don’t want that who don’t want to look stylish so ,for today for a  very first time i have got you 5 trendy and stylish sneakers in just 100 bucks yes,my boy so,let’s begin

#1.nike cortez sneaker


Nike cortez are one of the best product like if you are the one who don’t like that big logo vibes so this is made for you like its give you that basic  style that you can wear on with any clothes or any dress  for any events like its just best for for your colleges its little bit old school style little bit favourable for those who like new trend like its a god 90’s style which is going on till now .


# 2 .cornesers

Sport shoes different color in pairs on isolated white background

corseners are the style which is going on from a very long time like for since 2000’s i guess its just one of my favourite style shoes i liked it from a since i have tried it and belive me its amazing  like it’s  very puffy big  boy style i will tell it’s like a rapper style shoes like most of the rappers like tupaq and eminem use to wear it and if you want  to rock on like them you can try this

# 3.Air jordan



Air jordan is a type of shoes which is more likely going from 30 years its like very fashionable and a very formal type and the best part of this buddie are that it have many types of varitey available and you are gonna feel like a big b man so wear it and just rock on.

# 4.vans 

shopping (1)
Vans are just kind of shoes like that it suits on any costume and as you can wear it  on like shows are when you are going on some date and all so it look beautiful on any suits you want belive me man like any colour any dress you can wear it on everything wear and rock on.

# 5 nice gym sneakers 


Nice gym shoes as you already got it it is am sporty shoe you can wear it at gym mean at the time of work out or for running and like if you want to wear it on any important day so  you can also go on man it look very awesome it suits too any personality so you can rock on easily.

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