5 habit which is destroying your hair.

Hey, guys I know you always have one question how I am going to do my hair properly how I will take care of my hair how I will put it healthy so here is the solution for that.

1.No washing of hair with shampoo.
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Yes, it true I have seen some people’s who always wash their hair with shampoo but no stop if you are washing your hair with shampoo which contains sulfate is dangerous now wait, What is sulfate, so sulfate is the chemical which uses as a cleansing agent but not on your hair baby, it says that sulfate remove all the remaining oil and dirt but the downside it also removes all your hair natural oil that makes you hair dry and it is not healthy for you so, now today change your shampoo and say not to sulfate and only wash your hair with shampoo in once a week.

2. Brushing wet hair.

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Yes, after taking a long shower or having a bath after that your hair becomes very soft that if you will comb it will break widely so, always after every bat soaked water from your hair with some towel and dry it first and always put oil before
combing your hair.

3.Bad drugstore products.

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Look, I am not saying that every drugstore is bad, but most of the drugstore products cost you like 100 rs and it is made of cheap production it is very gelly very shiny and that’s what you don’t want so, always buy good hair products

4.Daily hot shower.

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Yes, I know that taking hot shower its feel very soothing very comfy but the bad part is that the hot water makes your scalp very dry not only scalp it makes your skin dry and it causes itching and falling of your hair so don’t take it.

5. Wearing tight hairstyle.

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Yes, I know that in this lockdown everybody is growing up their hair and they are irritated that at the time of your working it comes on your face and it doesn’t feel good so you use that hair bunds and hair bun to tie your hair but it can cause headache falling of your hair you can do it but softly

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