4 types of t-shirts a men should never wear.

Hello, My fashions boys you all are very trendy guys, and guess which tip today I am gonna share with you. I have always seen many men’s wearing those old fashion t-shirts which belong to some Stevie wonders days but that what you really don’t want. So, for making you look trendy and flashy fashionable every day, I am gonna share with you an awesome fashion tip about 4 types of shirts a gentleman should never wear So, Let’s begin.

No. 1- Cartonny or anime style t-shirts.

Anime Style T-shirts


Look, I am a big fan of dragon ball Z and animes especially that WWE stuff but look, Many people love it but it’s not necessary to put that garbage photos of cartoon or anime on your shirts.

Many of you can wear it at home but wearing at the middle of streets or when you are with your friends it’s going to look stupid you are going to look, kiddy bro. And if you don’t want it don’t dare to touch that type of shirt, ok.

No. 2-Sport jersey.

Jersey T-shirts


Now before you are going to say me that, Oh man you don’t know anything jerseys are fashionable they look good I am a big fan of it, But you need to stop boy. 

This is 2020, sports jerseys are good but for the time you are playing some outdoors game you know I have seen many men’s wearing it at coffee shops or in public, everybody is going to think you are stupid cause if you play soccer or anything it’s not necessary to show everybody that you play it don’t wear it you don’t need to look every time you are sitting in the stadium boy so, don’t wear it.

No. 3-Too baggy.

Baggy T-shirts


Yeah look baggies are the style of 2015 and now cause because of Justin Bieber many celebrities are wearing it but his height is good and if you are little bit average height you going to look shorter. 

No one will have a problem with it but if you are wearing shirts like that 90 rappers use to wear you are going to look a little old school so, don’t do that.

No. 4- Tie- Dye shirts.

Pinted T-shirts


Look I know I have said it but the dye is getting trendy but it looks good in paper art, not on your shirts that some messy patch of a colour bottles thrown on your shirts it is going to look embarrassing, and if you wanna wear it so just wear some plain kind of shirts cause who likes that messiness of colours on your shirts so, don’t wear it.

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