17 year old girl was gang raped in Tripura

A 17-year-old girl was gang-raped

On 24 July 2020, a minor was raped in Tripura near Teliamura by five men, one by one. The rapists namely, Gani Miah, Kachem Miah, Javed Miah, Ahmed Ali have mostly been arrested.

What was happened

Some weeks back the survivor began receiving calls from an unknown number and after three missed calls she decided to call back the person turned out to be a man named Rupesh Sarkar. They begin talking and after talking a week on July 21 they decided to meet in the park she went to the park around 3:30 p.m. and decides to live within 30 minutes after seeing that it’s getting dark Rupesh however pleads her to stay and spend some more time.

Around 5:30, decided to head back home looking for autos and cabs at the auto stand to no avail Rupesh right away decided to call his friends for help post which two cars which had a total of 5 men arrived. The offered her lift she first resisted but Rupesh somehow persuaded her because there is no option, therefore, she climbed the first car which has two men inside and the other car had three men.

In beginning, they promised her to safely escort her home but after some time they change their track and took the Teliamura Bazar road she shouted and tried her best but nobody heard because the windows are shut that they took her towards Khasiya Mangal road route and halted the nearest school by then the other car with the three men had arrived to see her trying to escape one of the five punched her in the stomach and raped her one by one in the car itself.

The rapists snatched victims phone but she managed to snatch it back and immediately called Rupesh then Rupesh and his friend arrived and she pushed the rapists away after seeing Rupesh and his friend’s rapists runaway. Friends of Rupesh drop him and the minor to a bridge that connects to a Teliamura Bazar girl decided not to tell anybody about this thing but locals show them both and ended up calling the Teliamura police station. Being weak and tired and continuous questions miner told the police that she was raped Rupesh filed FIR as suggested by the police however it was mostly his statement and not the victims.

Today 4 out of 6 including (Rupesh Sarkar) have been arrested by the police

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